Why a Virtual Private Network or VPN is Important

Why a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is Important


Why Use a VPN?


As we all know, internet security is of paramount importance today. We are all exchanging a lot of personal and private information online as a matter of habit, and it’s too easy to ignore the implications of poor security. With a VPN you can connect two computers securely and privately over the internet, even when the network you’re on is public. There will be a VPN client on one computer and a VPN server on the other. With encryption and other security, there will be no way for anyone else to intercept the information. For security and anonymity, a VPN is of crucial importance.


Other Applications


If you travel with a laptop, tablet or smartphone either for personal or business use, the use of a VPN becomes even more important. Using public locations such as cafes or other public WiFi spots, there’s always the chance you could be targeted by a hacker. A VPN boosts security because hackers cannot use encrypted communications.


If you travel abroad and have tried to watch live TV or catchup TV you will have discovered that they don’t work. This is because they check your location to make sure you’re in the right country. So even though you are a resident of the right country, you are limited when away on holiday or business abroad. A VPN can make it seem like you are in another country, so you can unlock services and websites that are normally blocked in that country.


Using VPN technology, a private network across the internet could be extended to another location. More and more businesses can now enable workers with laptops on the road or at home to connect to the company network as if they were sat at a desk in the office, for example. The network traffic is routed across the internet from the user to the company, but it is encrypted and therefore secure from interception. A company that has offices in two locations can connect them using a VPN across the internet so there appears to be just one network.


All of this applies to many personal applications of course, such as online shopping. Using VPN technology is the most secure way to ensure you will be safe when transferring all kinds of information online.


Is a VPN Really Necessary for a Home or Business Computer?


Consider this – Everywhere online someone is tracking your activities. ISPs monitor internet usage and may restrict the bandwidth if they detect certain activities such as large scale file sharing. Websites you visit get your IP address, location, browser and operating system, screen resolution, ISP and more. A VPN stops websites spying on you by hiding data that could identify you or leave you vulnerable to interception or attack. The fact is that if legitimate companies can collect data about you just because you visit their website and they want to advertise to you, then more malicious infiltrations are also possible. With a VPN you can dispense with the daily worry and be sure that your online information is protected through encryption which even the cleverest hackers won’t be able to decipher.